POP: Thrusters

Barbell Thruster Warmup

  Next up in our Points of Performance video series focuses on improving form during thrusters. We know this is not exactly everyone’s favorite CrossFit movement, so check out the videos below to hear what Coach B has to say about making this movement just a little bit more tolerable. Key points: keep your elbows […]

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POP: The Dip

  We are excited to launch our new video series to break down the Points of Performance (POP) for many of the CrossFit movements we see in our daily workouts. This week we have a few workouts that include overhead movements like barbell press, so it is only fitting that we kick things off with […]

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Master’s Fitness

CrossFit Amesbury is excited to offer a new class designed for the specific needs of older adults to maintain independence and live a productive happy and healthy life! Whether your goal is to be more comfortable living independently, being more active with the grandkids, or playing 18 holes with you friends this program will give […]

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